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The new beginning 
5th-Oct-2007 10:15 pm
Ok, so lets preactice english...

On last monday I started college, or university however you want to call it... I started in "Film and media studies".. But it really is like "Film studies".. Oh well.. 
So yeah, my week passed by pretty fast and every day I'm more convinced that films is what i want to do for the rest of my life!.. Although im not sure about WHAT I want to do in the film industry.. I'd like to be a director, but i love the edition part too.. ANd that one I LOVE IT!.. So we'll see.. Time, will tell.. Or at least I guess..

Randomly taling about things, on November there's gonna be the 3rd Venezuelan Film Festival, which is celebrated here in Merida (hurra! for that!), and there's a new technique that a Venezuelan director made that is called "Cine Atomo", and is the kind of movies that you only need the camera and the actors.. You don't need lighst or a make-up person, nothing! Just whatever the actor wants to wear, and your script!
So theres is this competion of "Cine Atomo" in where you can shoot your shortfilm with a cellphone camera if you want! You just gotta have a great idea. So me and my brother (who is studying the same as me but he is a semester ahead) are gonna participate, we're gonna shoot with the handycam we have here in our house (nothing pro) and we're gonna think of ideas, and I guess we'll show them to somebody in our university or something like that and then we'll choose wich one to shoot...
Im excited, not for the price, oh no, is just the experience of doing something, being in a competition and I'm just at the beginning of this and already planning ahead... 
Watch out future! Because im living this at the maximum!.... I'm enjoying my new beginning! =)
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